Blue Lock Episode 24

Type: Fall 2022 Anime

Plot Summary: Upon contemplation of the present state of Japanese soccer, the Japanese Football Association opts to enlist the enigmatic and unconventional coach Jinpachi Ego, with the goal of realizing their aspiration of triumphing in the World Cup. Jinpachi holds the belief that Japan lacks a striker driven by an insatiable hunger for goals. To address this, he pioneers the Blue Lock initiative—an establishment reminiscent of a prison where three hundred promising strikers from high schools across Japan are secluded and made to compete with each other. The sole survivor of this Blue Lock challenge will earn the prestigious title of the national team’s striker, while those defeated will forever be barred from team participation. Chosen to partake in this daring venture is Yoichi Isagi, a striker whose attempt to lead his high school soccer team to the national tournament had faltered. Haunted by the decision to pass to a teammate instead of seizing the opportunity to score himself, he contemplates whether the outcome would have differed had he been more self-centered. Embracing this pivotal moment presented by the Blue Lock Project, Yoichi sets his sights on dispelling his uncertainties and pursuing his ultimate aspiration—to ascend as the paramount striker in the world and guide Japan to a triumphant World Cup journey.

Genre: Shounen , Sports

Released: 2022

Status: Ongoing

Other name: ブルーロック

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